In preparation for tomorrow's Summer Craft Beer Festival, I spent the afternoon with Matt at Gravel Bottom Brewery in Ada! Ever tour a brewery? Neither have I, Matt showed us around a bit behind the scenes. Check out the video for the full tour.

Gravel Bottom is just one of the great breweries that will be featured at Saturday's Summer Craft Beer Festival, hopefully you're coming; and if you are, I found THE beer you need to try from Gravel Bottom.

S'mores! Yes, it's a beer that tastes like those amazing campsite treats. It's smooth, it's flavorful, it's a great brew you need to try tomorrow.

I think S'mores is one of those beers you'll enjoy whether you're a beginner into craft beer, or if you've been around it for a long time. Give it a try!

Here's a list of what they have on hand at the brewery

Photo By Josh

If you have some time, head out to Ada and say hi. They're some great people that have created the perfect place to enjoy a beer and hang out. Plus, if you're into home brewing, they have everything you need.

You can find them at 418 Ada Drive, near Amway.

One more photo...

Photo By Josh