In honor of the Summer Craft Beer Festival, we’re making our way around to the participating breweries to taste what they’re bringing with the to John Ball Park on Saturday.

Yesterday's stop took me to our conference room, as the folks from The Traveler Beer Co. came by and set up shop in our conference room to show off what they have to offer.

While I’m generally a beer drinker, and am actually a pretty big fan of certain craft beers, I’m pretty picky about which ones I like and don’t like. Luckily for The Traveler Beer Co., they specialize in shandies. And shandies are my jam.

You’ll see my whole taste testing experience in the video, but I have to say that these are by far some of the best shandies I have ever tasted. Ever.

They brought in four different shandies from their collection: Curious Traveler, Time Traveler, Illusive Traveler, and Jack-O-Traveler.

The Curious Traveler is what you would consider a "traditional shandy" made with fresh lemons (you can smell the lemons, but it isn't overly lemon-y.) The next beer we tried was the Time Traveler. Time Traveler is a wheat beer brewed with real strawberries. Again, it smells very strawberry-y, but the taste is subtle. We then moved on to the Jack-O-Traveler, their fall seasonal beer brewed with fresh pumpkin. It's darker hued, which is weird for a shandy, but very good. We ended out taste-testing with Illusive Traveler, a wheat beer brewed with real grapefruit. Janna called it the perfect "breakfast beer."

AND, they brought us mustaches!!!