A movie going experience born of necessity during the pandemic, will be returning in June to downtown Grand Rapids.

Celebration Cinema's Studio Park in downtown will be hosting three different nights for 'Sunset Cinema' on June 2nd, June 16th, and June 20th and has already 'sold out' the first night, a showing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Tickets for the next two movies, The Naked Gun 2 1/2 & Pitch Perfect 2 are available online at CelebrationCinema.com and are $20 for a four person 'picnic space'.

The spaces are socially distanced from other moviegoers and patrons can bring their own chairs to use in the Studio Park piazza. They do ask that the chairs when fully upright are no taller than 3ft. The mask requirement from last year will also remain in effect and they ask that ticket holders wear a face covering when outside of your designated 'pod'.

You may bring water and food in a small cooler, but all coolers will be subjected to a security check on the way in. So if you'd like to enjoy some adult beverages, full bar service will be available from One Twenty Three Tavern.

Parking will be available in the onsite Studio Park(ing) Ramp at 120 Ottawa Ave SW and is also conveniently located near The Rapid, Silver Line, and DASH public transportation.

In 2020 Sunset Cinema began about 4 months into the pandemic to give people an opportunity to get outside and enjoy movies in a safe way. The 2020 launched with films including the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Baby Driver, and Best Picture Winner Parasite.

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