Ellen DeGeneres tapped Sophie Grace Brownlee and her cousin, Rosie, as red carpet correspondents at the 2011 American Music Awards, but the talk show host had one more surprise in store for the adorable twosome.

Although it seemed they couldn’t be more delighted by their experience meeting the likes of Katy Perry, Joe Jonas, Lady Antebellum and more, DeGeneres stoked out the girls once again by introducing them to Rihanna. Naturally, joyful screams ensued.

“Rihanna! Rihannaaaaaaa!” Sophia exclaimed after locking eyes with the ‘Talk That Talk’ singer, who picked up both girls in her arms. While the cuties were paralyzed in a rare moment of speechlessness, the pop star filled the space by saying, “I’m like a fan of you guys, you know that?”

Their meeting with RiRi was extra sweet, with promises of best friendship and talk of matching tiaras, but the real hilarious moment came when DeGeneres asked the girls about their time with the R&B star.

“… When Rihanna picked me and Rosie up, she’s done well to pick me up,” Sophia explained. “Rosie’s light, but I’m like a sack of potatoes!” Dear God, please don’t ever let these girls grow up. Thank you.

Watch Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie Meet Rihanna on ‘Ellen’