Tuesday, July 21 is National Junk Food Day (yes, this is a real holiday) and most of America has already been celebrating throughout quarantine.

The career website, Zippia, used Google trends to find each state's favorite junk food based on 45 different snacks. Despite fudge being one of the main things Michigan is known for, we prefer something less sweet. Well, they at least start off sour and then they're sweet. Yup, if you've seen the hilarious commercials then you already know I'm talking about Sour Patch Kids. The only other state to agree is Oklahoma.

Overall, candy bars were the most popular (10 states) and then some form of cookies (8 states). As far as the most popular junk food, though, that title goes to Oreo's which was the favorite in 5 states, and my personal favorite. Mostly because I have a little more self control when I eat Oreo's as opposed to Sour Patch Kids... talk about addicting!

Several salty snacks made the favorites list but something the study found was that some really popular candies did not such as M&M's, and Reese's! Seriously... who would choose a granola bar or PayDay bar before Reese's?!? Looking at you Alaska & Louisiana. Even worse, New Hampshire chose Almond Joy as their favorite *insert puke emoji*

Zippia, Inc.
Zippia, Inc.

Whatever your go-to unhealthy snack is, take a bite (or three) out of it today because not only is it National Junk Food Day but you deserve it!

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