I Celebrated My Birthday with Rob & Bagels [Video]
It doesn't sound like much of a party but it was because we had PARTY CAKE BAGELS! No, it isn't something I just made up or concocted on my own. Party Cake Bagels are a real thing.
When I went grocery shopping last week, I was in the bread aisle and then something caught my attention...
Birthday Cards for a Michigan Girl
5-year-old Lexys Lamp was diagnosed with DIPG, a cancerous brain tumor, this past September. DIPG has a 0% survival rate and Lexys was given 9-12 months to live.
This hasn't stopped Lexys from looking forward to her 6th birthday which is coming up on August 27th and her wish is to have birt…
Happy Birthday Krispy Kreme!
On July 10th everyone's favorite doughnut is celebrating 78 years! Although it's Krispy Kreme's birthday, the company is gifting its customers with 78-cent doughnuts. And I don't mean just one doughnut! Krispy Kreme will be selling a DOZEN doughnuts for only 78-cents...

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