Whitmer: 50, Fashionable And Fabulous!
She's the 49th Governor of Michigan and the second female ever elected to the position. And now Gretchen Whitmer is 50. She celebrated her birthday on Monday. She did it with a fashion show of leather jackets, her "super power".
I Celebrated My Birthday with Rob & Bagels [Video]
It doesn't sound like much of a party but it was because we had PARTY CAKE BAGELS! No, it isn't something I just made up or concocted on my own. Party Cake Bagels are a real thing. When I went grocery shopping last week, I was in the bread aisle and then something caught my attention...
The Date Of Your Birth Could Influence Your Personality
The day that you are born on could say a lot about you.  It's called numerology and it's sometimes considered an alternative to zodiac signs.  Depending on the date of your birth, you could be creative, empathetic or adventurous.  Of course, these aren't going to be correct 100% of the time, but when it is, it can really make you think...

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