‘Fear’ Remake Will Explore the Stalker Thriller From a Woman’s POV
On a list of “movies least likely to get remade” you’d probably find Fear, the 1996 thriller starring Reese Witherspoon as a wholesome teen who gives up her virginity to bad boy Mark Wahlberg, who turns out to be a violent stalker — thus justifying her overprotective father’s concerns. But this is 2018, where anything and everything will be made or remade into a movie, and since women’s issues are So Hot Right Now, we’re getting a remake of Fear told from the perspective of the Witherspoon character.
What Is The average Person In America’s Biggest Fear
Halloween has come and gone but that doesn't change the fact that we still have certain fears year round. According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive that we talked about today, Netscape reports that our greatest fear of all is being in a plane crash. What? That is the biggest fear? Here is a list of the top five things we fear the most:
Working Too Much & Fear Of Being Fired Are Top Stressers!
Having a job is stressful and not having one is even more stressful! That seems to be the common thread between the have's and have not's because a new survey shows that 77% of Americans are either worried about losing their job or feel like they're working more than ever which is causing balance issues in their daily lives...