Today's Christine-ology  has me asking the question am I inhumane? Are you judging me? And it all sparked because of a conversation that I was having with a friend about spiders.

We’ve all been there. That moment when someone does or says something and that little thing inside of us called judgement comes out. It’s even worse when you’re on the receiving end of it.

Here’s my story: Over the weekend, I was out with my friend when he asked me if I like spiders I quickly responded with a “EFF NO.” He asked if I kill them and I said only if they are small enough to not disgust me, otherwise, I’ll try and trap them. For example, just last week when I Was showering I noticed a spider crawling really fast in the corner of my eye, near the tub and toilet. So I had to do some quick-thinking and decided to use the the holder to the toilet bowl brush to smush it. However, I wanted to be sure it was dead so I left it under there for about 2 days before I threw it.

Spiders make me cringe so bad that I refuse to kill them if I think they’re too big so instead I’ve resorted to the following:

  • Spraying them with Clorox or Windex until they stop moving
  • Trapping them under a cup until someone can come kill it or I can get it to a toilet to flush it
  • Killed them with a candle
  • Or the worst of all, sacrificed a shoe to smush it

After disclosing this to my friend I could see his smile turn to a concerned grin. I bluntly pointed out his changing facial expressions and asked if he now saw me in a different light. He said no but that it’s very torturous of me to do that to a spider. 

I understand they are a necessary part of the food chain but if spiders weren’t so creepy we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Click of Six, is my friend right? Am I torturous? Am I inhumane? Are you judging me too?

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