Summer Tip: Don't Use Aluminum Foil on the Grill
We are in the middle of summer which means a lot of grilling for many of us. But before you light up that grill be aware of a safety precaution first: don't use aluminum foil.
Many use aluminum foil on the grill to keep it clean and keep the juices/flavor of whatever is we're cooking...
Ultimate Rib Recipe
We were talking about ribs recipes today on the show when Katie called in to tell us her personal rib recipe and we think it you'll love it!
Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes This Summer
It's summertime which means the bugs and mosquitoes are in full effect. I was invited to Wendy's house last night for some good ol' steaks on the grill (which were delicious by the way!) But it's hard to fully enjoy yourself when you have bugs flying all around you and needless t…
Got Bar-B-Que Rules?
Over the years I have learned that grilling out is serious business -- especially to guys!
Apparently there is a list of rules that is floating around the internet and I'm wondering how accurate it is ... so take a peak and let me know if you agree, disagree or have more to add!