We were talking about rib recipes today on the show when Katie called in to tell us her personal rib recipe and we think it you'll love it!

If you are like us and are a big fan of grilled foods, especially ribs, we think you need to give this recipe a try.  We know we will!

Here is the recipe:

1 - Season your ribs with salt, pepper and any other spice or dry rub you enjoy

2 - Grill the ribs for 10 minutes on each side

3 - Put the ribs in a disposable pan and put a sliced onion on top of the ribs

4 - Bathe the ribs in your favorite beer (I suggest Founders KBS if you are willing to spare a bottle)

5 - Bake the ribs at 350 degrees (covered) for 3 hours

6 - Pull the ribs out and brush on a sauce of your choosing

7 - Throw those bad boys back in the oven for 30 more minutes (covered or uncovered are both fine, it depends how you like your sauce)

8 - Serve and NOM NOM NOM those tasty ribs!

Connie was so enamored with the recipe that she was taking notes while Katie was on the phone!