Let Your Baby Choose His Or Her Name With Baby Naming App!
Take the pressure off of picking the best name for your baby-to-be and let him or her choose from the womb?!
According to there is a new iPhone app called 'Kick to Pick' and allows your unborn child to respond to a list of potential names you've been considering!
Simply put the phone …
Mom Forces Son To Wear Sign Detailing His Bad Grades
15-year-old James Mond is being forced by his mother to stand on various Tampa, Florida street corners with a sign that details his poor GPA and bad score on an achievement test.
The sign encourages motorists to "Honk if I need an education."
Rhoda Holder says James will have to perform this…
Puppy Mailing Mom Is Charged!
A Minnesota mom claims she innocently sent a puppy through the U.S. Postal service as a birthday gift to her son and had no intentions of hurting the pup!
Needless to say, she will not get the 4-month old poodle mix back!!
Check out the video of her day in court...