Take the pressure off of picking the best name for your baby-to-be and let him or her choose from the womb?!

According to itunes.apple.com there is a new iPhone app called 'Kick to Pick' and allows your unborn child to respond to a list of potential names you've been considering!

Simply put the phone on your tummy and start counting either the punches and/or kicks to follow-- then tally that number, and voila!  Your child has spoken from the womb!

Pink had a baby girl late Thursday (June 2) and named her Willow Sage.  She's taking her daddy's last name, Hart.  A beautiful choice by mom and dad, but do you remember when actress Alicia Silverstone named her boy, Bear Blu?  He was born in May, but the question begs whether or not he would've kicked or punched his way out of his given name?!

To get the baby naming app go to www.KickToPick.com

As for the role of men during pregnancy ... a study by Technorati.com claims that 6% of men claim they've experienced morning sickness!!  Really?  Yes, and an even higher number, 8%, say they've even been drawn to watching chick flicks while experiencing mood swings (26%).

Go figure!  For more funny findings, click here!

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