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What Do You Miss About Being a Kid?
Life was so easy as a kid. You did what you wanted (to an extent) without anyone judging.
Last night, I went to Target, and of course I went for one thing and stayed much longer than I should have. However, when I was walking through the 'Entertainment' section I saw that they had an a…
Channel 95.7's Hottest Topics for 2014
It never hurts to take a look back, right?
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Hitman gamers
Being a new parent of a child born in the digital era, I'm quickly learning that there are different things that I will have to punish or deter my child from doing online, or with other technology. That's why I have to say, I am a fan of the new way Mr. Feng went about fixing "a p…
It’s Not Just A Game
Last week in Canada, a young man named Jordan Osborne was sitting at home when he heard his neighbor, Justin Williams, SCREAMING at the tops of his lungs. Jordan went over to the 21 year-old's and found him was shouting into his headset at another "World of Warcraft" player.