Ever since I got my Nintendo Switch for Christmas I've loved playing on it but in the last couple of weeks that love has turned into a slight obsession so it was only right to start the week off talking about it on Tuesday's Christine-ology.

The cards are laid out and have been dealt. I am ready to kick someone’s butt. I really hope I have some “Draw 2’s” or even better, a “Draw 4” so I can stack on some mofo’s. Oh no! This person called “UNO” REVERSE, REVERSE. 

I still have a chance…

*Fast forward an hour later*

Do I want to play Megafruit Paradise, Gold Rush Mine, the Tantelizing Tower, or Whomp’s Domino Ruins? Come on, Mario. Don’t let me down. Roll a high number! Let’s get that star. 

*30 minutes later*

UGHHHH I can’t believe I lost that mini game.

*5 minutes later*

YES! In yo face Waluigi. About to lay this golden pipe down and get my star!

*another 30 minutes later*

I’m the weenier!!!

Okay… what’s next?

How about signing online and out-puzzling a bunch of rando’s on Wheel of Fortune?! I really hope I unlock some new outfits for my character.

Click of Six, before I get even deeper into my universe of video games. I have a problem. Some may call it an addiction, I call it an obsession. Yes, it’s my Nintendo Switch. Especially as of late. I can’t help myself. It’s what I think about during the day… anticipating my return home so I can sign online and play a game. It’s what keeps me up at night. I’ve even dreamt about playing video games. My Switch has completely taken over my brain which is why it needed to be featured on today’s “Christine-ology.” 

P.s. send me your Switch FRIEND ID if you have one.

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