Taylor Swift invited fans into her U.K. home for an early listen to her upcoming seventh studio album, Lover.

For the last few album cycles, Swift has had fans over to her homes in a number of cities to listen to her upcoming album before it has been released, she calls the events the "Secret Sessions." Swift handpicks the fans she finds on social media who have not yet met her.

Fans traveled from different parts of the world including Singapore and Hong Kong to attend the coveted event. Swift made baked goods for the attendees with homemade "Lover" cookies, rice-krispie treats and even bought custom M&Ms.

Swift has always been an artist to treat her fans like friends and give them the opportunity to get to know her and her music. While the event took place, fans discovered that Swift watched Gossip Girl and said that the character Blair was "iconic." One fan also reported that Swift had a Stranger Things Monopoly game in her house.

For the lucky fans that got to hear the album early, they all agree that it does not disappoint. The second track on the album is reportedly a bop, and when asked what the album sounded like, an attendee explained that it was produced similar to her fifth studio album, 1989.

Swifties also claimed that there are several self-written songs off the album and one song, track ten, that made everyone in the room cry.

Aside from the music, food, and company, fans were also treated to exclusive swag. The Swifties walked away with a "Secret Sessions" tote bag and pin along with sunglasses and other merchandise items.

Lover debuts on Aug. 23 with four special edition albums available at Target.

Take a look at their encounters and reactions, below!

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