Taylor Swift recently admitted she was "terrified to go on tour" after the Manchester Bombing attack.

Speaking with Elle, Swift opened up about things she's learned as she approaches 30. In the piece, she revealed that she was "completely terrified" to perform after the incident, which occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. That, along with the Las Vegas concert shooting, nearly kept her from taking the stage for big performances again.

"After the Manchester Arena bombing and the Vegas concert shooting, I was completely terrified to go on tour this time because I didn't know how we  were going to keep 3 million fans safe over seven months. There was a tremendous amount of planning, expense and effort put into keeping my fans safe," she told the outlet. "My fear of violence has continued into my personal life."

Swift went on to reveal to Elle, "I carry QuikClot army grade bandage dressing, which is for gunshot or stab wounds. Websites and tabloids have taken it upon themselves to post every home address I've ever had online. You get enough stalkers trying to break into your house and you kind of start prepping for bad things."

She said that she got over it by trying to "remind myself of the good in the world." Swift is focused on living "bravely" in the wake of these tragedies.

"We have to live bravely in order to truly feel alive, and that means not being ruled by our greatest fears," she explained.

Despite being afraid, Swift went out on her Reputation Stadium Tour, which was a great success. She  credits her fans for getting her to go forward to it, telling Elle "their care" for her propelled her.

"The fans and their care for me, my well-being and my music were the ones who pulled me through," she wrote. "The most emotional part of the Reputation Stadium Tour for me was knowing I was looking out at the faces of the people who helped me get back up. I'll never forget the ones who stuck around."

Swift is currently working on a new album, and will likely hit the road for a string of shows to promote it. Her fans can't wait to come out and support her yet again.

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