Well, that was awkward! 

First off, I want to point out how happy I am that it's not against the law to urinate in your own backyard.

A teacher in Hastings was working on his basement, when he had to relieve himself. His basement didn't have a bathroom, so he figured he would just take it to the great outdoors, in his yard. The man, who teaches physical-education at an elementary school, figured he was okay because there were plenty of shrubs and trees to provide enough privacy.

So he thought.

Cue the nosy neighbor who got a GOOD look at the teacher, and thought he was exposing himself to her.

Once the neighbor got a hold of police, it wasn't long until the teacher was put on paid leave from his job. The charge would have been a misdemeanor, but would have cost the teacher his teaching license.

There was a trial that lasted a few hours, with a jury, and the neighbor testifying that she saw him expose himself. Cue the man's lawyer...

“Peeing in your back yard is not a crime. This was not an exposure case. He’s got a fairly large back yard. He peed outside, unaware his neighbor was outside.”

Word is, the man was relieved when he found out the jury sided with him.

Case closed.