A male teacher in Mesa, Arizona is facing a slew of criminal charges after he reportedly forced a six-year-old girl to remove her shirt as form of punishment, and then made her sit naked from the waist up in her classroom.

There aren't even words, in my opinion, to describe how terrifying and bizarre (not to mention wrong) this had to be for that little girl. According to KCCI, Thomas Washburn, 54, a teacher at Adams Elementary School was arrested on Jan. 15 (the day the incident occurred).

Authorities were told that the kindergarten teacher "lost his cool" and was yelling in the classroom. The girl was allegedly frightened, and did something that many kids would in that situation - hid her face in her shirt. Washburn then told her to take her face out of her shirt, and when she refused, he took her shirt off.

According to reports, the girl cried for more than 10 minutes while she sat shirtless in the classroom full of all of her friends and classmates.

Eventually, the teacher removed the girl's shirt, and when her mother came to pick her up at school, Washburn told her what had happened. That's when police got involved.

Authorities arrested Washburn who refused to answer any questions asked of him by police. He has been placed on paid administrative leave by the school system while they (and police) investigate the incident.

Washburn now faces 26 counts of indecent exposure (at least one for each child that was in the classroom) and one count of child abuse.