Kelly Clarkson obviously knows that real talent comes from the mitten state as she's now landed two Michiganders on her team on NBC's 'The Voice'.

On the second night of the season premiere, she won over Ryan Gallagher from Ada and as of last night, she added another West Michigan native to her team.

Monday night, 15-year-old Skylar Mayton, who’s from Grand Rapids but lives in Ada, stepped on stage for a blind audition and started singing an acoustic version of The Weeknd’s Blinding Light. Within 25 seconds Kelly slammed her hand on her buzzer and no one else did.  She jumped up after the song was done and couldn’t stop talking about how impressed she was with Skylar’s performance. At point even say, “I’m speechless,” before all three other judges let her know she was anything but speechless.  She replied, “I’m blown away.”

According to her bio from NBC, Skylar is no stranger to the spotlight. While during the school year she’s usually keeping her focus on school work and sports, she uses the summer for honing her singing around the area at local events with one bug exception.  She once sang the National Anthem at a Chicago Bulls game.

Her bio also says she’s a huge Kelly Clarkson fan and got to see her last year in concert when she came through town while on tour. So it’s only fitting that now she’s on #TeamKelly for this season of ‘The Voice’, which airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 pm on WOOD TV8.

Good luck, Skylar!

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