WZZM reported in April, that The B.O.B. was sentenced to a 3-day liquor license suspension. The downtown Grand Rapids bar, restaurant, and nightclub tried to appeal that decision. Tuesday, the Michigan Liquor Commission not only upheld the original suspension, but extended it to 10 days. 

The suspension was in response to the death of Kevin O'Brien, a guest, who fell down a flight of stairs in May 2013. The B.O.B. was already being held responsible for providing alcohol to an intoxicated person and allowing him to consume it on the property. A loitering charge was added on Tuesday.

If B.O.B ownership wants to appeal this decision, they must take it to circuit court. However, barring any sort of postponement because of appeal, the liquor license suspension will go into effect June 10 to 19.



Source: WZZM-13