Daddy Tips this week is all about taking your kids to the beach, making sure the parents get to relax when they have time off work, and how to not let your kiddo take advantage of you at bedtime.

  1. This week’s first Daddy Tip is that babies and beaches just don’t mix. We took Izzy to the beach the first time over the weekend and she really did not enjoy herself. Sand is the baby's worst enemy. They get it in their eyes, mouth, and every other conceivable place you can think of. After just about 20 minutes, she was already miserable and covered in sand. So, if you are going to take them to the beach, be ready for a sandy and irritable baby. Or just wait until they are a little bit older and just take them to a pool in the meantime.
  2. The next Daddy Tip is to always continue to send your kids to daycare when you have time off from work. When we had Charlotte, we would take her out of daycare when we didn’t have to work. But, now with 2 kids, we learned very quickly that time off from work doesn't feel like time off when you also have to take care of two kids. Instead of being able to relax, you just have to take care of screaming kids all day. So, don’t make the mistake of ruining your day off when you have the ability to pawn your kids off on someone else.
  3. And the final Daddy Tip this week is to not let your kids leave their door open when they go to sleep. Just recently, Charlotte has been asking to keep her door open when she goes to bed at night. That seems like a normal enough request, but she only wants it open so she can talk to us non stop because her room is near the living room. All night after we put her to bed she is talking to us and trying to make up excuses to stay up later. So, don’t be like me and just never let them open it in the first place so they have less distractions and just go to sleep.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: What do you call an ape that wins the lottery?
A: A Gorillian-aire!

Listen to the entire segment below:

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