Have you been following the Casey Anthony Murder Trial? Who presented the best case? The prosecution? Or the defense?

Somehow I got sucked into this fiasco by waking up too early and flipping on Tru-TV.  So, after six weeks of the prosecution alleging Casey is a party girl who had a toddler daughter that didn't fit into her lifestyle of heavy drinking, partying, a risque sex life and more lies than all U.S. Presidents combined, does all this make it easy for the jury?  Do the countless lies she has been caught in make things look bad for her?  Or does it put enough reasonable doubt on the table to make it hard for the jury to take capital murder off the table?  Her mother got caught lying to prevent her daughter from receiving the death penalty and her father's emotional meltdown on the stand many said was quite powerful for the prosecution's case.

The defense has been very busy during the entire trial trying to explain away all Casey's lies such as the imaginary nanny "Zanny", the Google searches for "How to make Chloroform" on the families home computer and the smell of death in Casey's car trunk.  Who killed Kaylee Anthony?  Was it the father trying to cover-up a accidental pool drowning?  Was it the meter reader who discovered Kaylee Anthony's body?  If you were a juror, I would love to know what would all this add up to in your eyes?

This morning begins the closing arguments.  The jury should be back with a verdict next week.

My question to you is... guilty or innocent?  Of course, you have to had sat through the last six weeks or cheated by watching the highlights on the news, which is completely understandable since watching a drawn-out court trial is like watching paint dry.  Come on!  Humor me!  Which way is this jury going to sway?  And if you were a juror in that little room, how would you vote?

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