After 33 days of testimony, Casey Marie Anthony has been found “Not Guilty” of murdering her two year old daughter Caylee.  She could walk free as early as tomorrow.  Was justice served?

Many were as shocked as I was when the jury returned with a verdict of ‘Not Guilty’ to first degree murder, manslaughter and child abuse.  But Casey was found guilty on four counts of lying to police.  Misdemeanors that she will probably not have to serve time for due to time served while awaiting trial.   After the verdict was read, the defense gathered for a press conference and bashed everyone from prosecutors to the media.  The prosecution just sat in the courtroom with a dumbfounded look for what seemed like hours like most people who have followed the trial.

Now, many questions remain.  If Casey didn’t murder her daughter, who did?  Was it her father?  Was it the meter reader?  Did the space aliens do it?  An even better question is, how is this broken family going to mend?  Where does Casey go to live now that she saved her rear by accusing her father and brother of years of sexual abuse?  Hell, her mother even lied on the stand trying to save Casey from the death penalty.  Now what?  Book deal?  Made for TV movie?  There is no doubt she’ll make a large amount of money from this.  I have an itching feeling the money she makes from post-trial deals she will blow in no time at all.  No more daughter to tie her down from her lifestyle she is so hell bent on living, bring on the partying!  That costs money that she will burn threw in no time.

In my opinion, the jury came back too fast to actually take time to go over all the evidence.  Seriously?  Less than two days?  Casey Anthony was obviously guilty of neglect at the very least.  Do you think the jury was just plain burned out and wanted to get out of there?  One juror even had an out of country trip planned for July 7th.

Do you think this smells as bad as I do?

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