Today we'll be talking with Dan DiSorbo (co-author of "The Fart Tootorial). Here's some more information if you're interested in the book!

The Book is co-written with Ben Applebaum.  Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo co created BADD ideas, a collaboration that has created their other literary works The Book of Beer Awesomeness, The Book of Beer Pong and, The Fart Tootorial.

The authors’ next book is called, “The Book of the Party Animal” which comes out in September.

Inside the book you’ll find:

  • "Farting Fundamentals"
  • "Master Blaster Techniques"
  • "The Complete Toot Taxonomy"
  • "A history of farts to different types of flatulence (“Much like a fingerprint, no two farts sound—or smell—alike”)
  • Also featuring the best "fart techniques, defenses, and pranks."

Check it out from their publisher Chronicle HERE! It's only $10.95!!!!!