Far gone are the days when simple selfies would suffice when posting photos to social media. Now we have to include others in our photos so that it doesn't seem like we're too self absorbed. Thankfully, thanks to someone on the internet, we no longer have to type out 12 letters to tag our group photos. Now, we can simply label it as an #usie.

I'm sure you're looking at that word now and thinking a couple of things. First, of course, you're probably thinking "that's not a word." You're correct. It's not. But that won't stop people on the Internet from using it, so you're just going to have to adopt this non-word into your vocabulary.

Your next question is likely, "how in the world do you pronounce that? Does it rhyme with 'Suzie'? Floozy?" It rhymes with floozy, fyi.

And now, the important question - what exactly constitutes an usie? Is a photobomb technically an usie? How about all of those photos that I take with my dog? Does he count as a person and therefor make the photo an usie?

It's yet to be seen what the rules of the usie will entail, but at least now we know what to call it. Even if it isn't a real word.

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