Ever try taking a selfie with your pet? It is probably difficult to get a good shot. Well the new device Pooch Selfie may be something you need! It will also most likely leave you wondering why you didn't come up with it.

A dog owner from San Diego, Jason Hernandez, has come up with an attachment for your smartphone that holds a tennis ball. Hernandez said that after watching his wife have a hard time getting one of their pit bulls to look at the camera for a photo, and having a tennis ball keep his attention in order to complete the task, that is when the idea popped into his head.

Such a simple but smart device. There is a Kickstarter campaign for the product with a goal of $7,000 and it has reached that and much more with almost $20,000 pledged. You can head to their Kickstarter here and pledge too and also head to their official website here to keep up with what is going on with the product. Expect it to be available early next year.