Today is Columbus Day, the day we celebrate Chris Columbus discovering America, even after someone already discovered it. However, it won't be Columbus Day much longer if a group called "Exploration Day USA" has their way.

This group would like the day we currently celebrate for "Mr. Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria" to be renamed "Exploration Day" in honor of all the great explorers the past, present and future. Citing the recent photographs from Mars and the car-sized robot, Curiosity, the group's website says this is why their movement to rededicate Columbus Day as Exploration Day is so timely. Explores come in all kinds of varieties, shapes and sizes.

It reminds us that while celebrating our past is important, leaning into a future of our own creation is far more important. Exploration Day acknowledges past triumphs while allowing others to recognize current and future explorers. For more, visit their website: