If you're anything like me, you were too busy being glued to the news or rewatching "True Blood" last night to catch the season premier of MTV's "Catfish". I decided to catch up with the show when I got off the air today, and I can't believe that they managed to find a woman this gullible. I can't believe a woman this gullible exists, in fact. But she does. 

Her name is Cassie and she's been dating a guy named Steve online for two years. They must be pretty serious, because she claims that they're engaged. But, and this is a big but, as per the premise of the show, the two have never met. In fact, Steve has only sent Cassie six photos of himself in the entire time they've been together (and of course he looks like a model).

Now, Steve claims that he's an up and coming rapper and that he's constantly on the road promoting himself and performing. Which I suppose it believable enough, but he doesn't have an online presence at all. No Facebook to promote himself, no Twitter, not even a MySpace or YouTube account. It's all by word of mouth? Highly doubtful.

Watch the full episode here:


Because this is "Catfish" and because we know how these types of things go, I'm in no way surprised that Steve isn't really who he says he is. But this may be one of the most bizarre episodes yet.

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