Channel 95-7 is putting you in control of the radio station from 7pm to midnight every night!  It's your turn to tell us what to play.  Vote for your favorite songs to play and encourage your Facebook friends to do the same.  It's U Mix It!  On Channel 95-7!

How to use it:

U Mix It puts YOU and other listeners in control of what plays between 7pm and Midnight every weeknight.  It's the new social music experience that lets you control what's being played on Channel 95-7.

  • U MIX IT is active every weeknight between 7pm and midnight right on this page.
  • During those times, you'll see a window on the left side of your screen with all the songs currently being voted on.
  • GREEN button to vote a song UP.

    RED button to vote a song DOWN.

  • If there's a song you'd like to add for voting, search for it on the right side of the screen and click the arrow to add it.
  • When you first access the page, you'll be prompted to login with Facebook.  Doing so gives your votes more weight and allows you to invite friends to help get a song played!
  • Bookmark this page or add to your favorites, then come back during U MIX IT to have a say in what songs play!