Ever hear of the saying "Once in a Blue Moon?" Well it will happen tomorrow, Friday, August 31. We’ll have a full moon in the night sky for the second time this month.  The last time this happened was in December of 2009. 

Now, it's not going to look blue. But that’s most certainly where the “once in a blue moon” phrase came from. It’s pretty rare because typically, each month only has one full moon.

Actually, the moon will turn precisely full at 13:58 Universal Time – the standard clock time at the prime meridian of 0 degrees longitude. Make sense? Nope! Okay, Translating Universal Time to the time zones in the U.S., the moon will reach the crest of its full phase at 9:58 a.m. EDT.

That does not mean, that you won’t see a full moon tonight. It will remain full this morning into tonight, but around 10 a.m. today, it will be “precisely full." Enjoy your Friday and make it a good one, because the next "Blue Moon" will not happen until 2015!

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