Not everyone is a good cook but you would think most people know at least some of the basics to get by, such as eggs. I mean how hard is it to mess up eggs? Especially scrambled eggs! You crack a couple of eggs, mix them together, add your spices and you're good to go. Well... not exactly.

Up until this point I always thought I made pretty good eggs. They're usually nice and scrambled and packed with flavor. Master chef and professional yeller Gordon Ramsey has proven me wrong.

This video shows the "perfect" way to make scrambled eggs and clearly I've been doing it wrong since I started making eggs myself. First off, I've been whisking the eggs and seasoning them prior to putting them in the pan. I would get cursed at and be called a dumb ass in so many different (yet comical) ways if Ramsey witnessed such atrocity. Apparently, you want to whisk the eggs in the pan and take it off and on the heat while doing so and spicing is the last thing you do!

My explanation doesn't remotely compare to how DELICIOUS this looks. So you should just watch the video and learn for yourself the perfect way to make scrambled eggs according to Gordon Ramsey.

How amazing does this meal look?! Although, I could do without the mushrooms, yuck!

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