Our unusually warm spring has produced some early blooming tulips in Holland this year.  That could have spelled trouble for Tulip Time, but special preparations are ensuring that thousands of tulips will be in full bloom in Holland for Tulip Time 2012. 

We've known for weeks that this year's Tulip Time Festival would provide some unique challenges due to our early warm temperatures.  Fortunately, this is something that Holland city officials and greenhouses are always prepared for.

Holland Sentinel reports:

About 1,300 flower pots are sitting in a cooler at the Holland parks department building, held at 38-40 degrees to bloom at just the right time for the festival that begins Saturday.

With 10 bulbs planted per pot, more than 10,000 tulips in the cooler all are just budding, said Parks Supervisor Steve Zwiep.

But that's only the beginning.  About 200,000 of the City of Holland's 500,000 tulips are expected to be in bloom for the festival.  Some of the best viewing will be at Centennial Park and Kollen Park.  The blooms at Centennial and Kollen parks are typically later than other locations due to shade and the cooler temperatures on the water.

You will also find thousands more tulips at locations that aren't run by the City of Holland, such as Hope College.

Our March heatwave caused a few problems, but nothing that the experts in Holland can't handle.  Expect another great Tulip Time Festival, May 5 - May 12, in Holland!