I was visiting home this past weekend and I was planning on leaving Sunday evening. Come Sunday evening and I'm still at my parents' house, lounging on the couch with my dogs and watching TV.

But I finally get up and get my belongings in the car and when I tell my parents that I was going to leave to head back to Grand Rapids my Dad immediately said "NO!" And I was like oh great here come the excuses. He said it's too dark to drive and I replied with "who cares? I've done it many times." So of course he has to find another reason to get me not to leave and says, "there's deer out and you won't be able to see them." "Oh well," to which I reply. And then he drops the excuses of all excuses: "It's so hot outside which means there's going to be a lot of bugs!"  O-M-G BUGS! LOL as if bugs were going to be the reason I get in a serious accident.

My whole point of this story is that my Dad showed what a parent he is by saying that. What a TYPICAL parent response. I'm not a parent myself but I know how parents are (considering I have two). They over-dramatize everything and over-exaggerate everything... and my dad is infamous for it. Apparently, he's also a weather man because he always has to tell me what the forecast is. He's the parent who will text and tell me to park my car in the garage because it's going to rain. Or reminding me to "wear a jacket tomorrow because its going to be 40 degrees." It's annoying, yet typical.

Dean Mitchell/ThinkStock

When you're a parent I feel like there are signs that point to being a parent. For example, a couple weeks ago a friend I went to school with posted a picture on Facebook of her daily coffee except next to her cup was a bottle of milk and she captioned it:

"You know you're a mom when this is coffee with your girls."

Referring to her 4-month-old baby. There is a "tell" for all parents.

How do you give away your parenting status OR how do you recognize other parents?

P.S. I decided to come home early Monday morning. I had to. Who knew what the bugs were capable of, especially at night.