Opening Day for Tigers was Thursday and they have an important message for fans before the season gets in full swing: please don't have public sex at the park.

Um. Ok...? You would think that would go without saying but apparently it's been an issue at baseball stadiums around the country, reports the Detroit Free Press. A couple years ago a man and woman were caught having sex on the sidewalk near Comerica Park. First off, gross. If you're going to get it on in public, a sidewalk in Detroit is the last place you should lay your naked body on. Secondly, I'm all for being adventurous but not where families are.

Most recently, a couple in Ohio got arrested last week and charged with disorderly conduct for doing the deed and not giving a flying f--baseball after confronted by staff.

Bottom line, as much as you'd like to score a home run, leave it to the Tigers when you're at Comerica Park. That is if they're lucky enough themselves.

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