Does your significant other ever get on you for buying certain things? They think it's a waste of money but to you it isn't. But to avoid any type of confrontation you secretly buy stuff and keep hush hush about it. Just admit it. You're totally guilty of doing this at least once.

The Daily Mail reports on a survey that found that, on average, collectively, people hide over $11 billion in secret purchases from their other half. The survey found that married men are spending way more on these purchases too.

Men spend three times as much as women on hidden purchases, on average $4,596 per year, compared to women who spend $1,476 a year. "

However, women are more likely to cover it up (23% compared to 20% of men).

These are the top 5 secret purchases married men & women make:

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I think this is so true! My Mom is guilty of buying a bunch of stuff and she'll leave all of her shopping bags in the trunk without bringing it in the house so my Dad wouldn't see that she had just bought MORE clothes.

What do you secretly buy and not tell your significant other about?