The announcement came after a video showing the button went viral and a petition amassed over 400,000 signatures.  The video, which is in a tweet below, shows a button placed on the underside of the doll that when pushed makes inappropriate noises.  According to the petition, "When you push this button on the doll’s private she gasps and giggles."

Hasbro has since removed the dolls from stores and says they will replace any dolls already purchased with a doll of equal value.  The toy maker claims that the button was not intended to be perceived as sexual and was only intended to have the doll react when put in a seated position.  You can contact Hasbro's Consumer Care Team to get your doll replaced.

All of that seems completely plausible and most likely just a poor design choice when making the doll, but where and how the outrage came to be is interesting.  The original video failed to make any waves online until a QAnon conspiracy theorist decided that the video was worthy of being shared.

Now people are fighting over whether this doll is being used to as QAnon and Alt-Right propaganda or whether the doll is being used to promote pedophilia.  Weird.

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