There was a Blossom reunion, guys! The show, which ran for five seasons on NBC from 1991-1995, is coming back to TV on The Hub Network. So, to celebrate, the cast hosted a Blossom marathon (which I'm pretty bummed I missed.)

Mayim Bialik shared pictures from the reunion on her social media pages. It's a little sad that none of the sweet 90's fashion from the show made an appearance.

Joey Lawrence, Jenna von Oÿ and Michael Stoyanov, and Bialik were all there, and I have to say, they're looking pretty good considering the end of the show was 20 years ago. For good measure, here's the opening credits from the show so you get an idea of what they looked like back in the day.

And here's how they look now!

Joey Lawrence took to Twitter to express his love for his former castmates after the reunion: