Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are officially returning to Cartoon Network! Here's a look at the newly-released clip from an upcoming episode.

The Powerpuff Girls are back, and they're just as strong and awesome as they were back in the day. In this clip from the first new episode (which will debut on March 14 at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas) Buttercup shows new villain "Manboy" who's boss.

Not only does Buttercup save the day and whoop some butt, but she also sends a pretty positive message to girls everywhere. You don't have to be a delicate little "princess" (as Manboy taunts) to be feminine, and standing up against sexist stereotypes ("You throw like a girl!") shouldn't make you seem like the bad guy (although maybe don't grab men by their beards and throw them).

Cartoon Network will air the series' reboot later this year.