Don't get me wrong; I love Star Wars. But New York Magazine decided to piece together all the dialogue spoken by every female character OTHER than Princess Leia in the original trilogy, and it's pretty depressing.

I never really realized how few female characters are actually in the original Star Wars trilogy, probably because Princess Leia is a strong, female main character. She killed Jabba the Hut, helped Luke and Han escape the Death Star, and lead the Rebellion against the Empire. But, the amount of dialogue spoken by females that aren't the Princess is remarkably low.

Seriously, there's only 63 seconds of non-Leia female dialogue in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Although the first Star Wars movies weren't incredibly full of gender equality, Star Wars The Force Awakens will contain a plethora of important female characters. Hopefully then we can watch a supercut of clips that's over 63 seconds long.