I'm not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. Most days, you'll see me walking through the halls here at the radio station in jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes I'll rock a sweater if I'm feeling extra fancy. I know what I like, and it's comfort above style always. So, a lot of times, I don't really understand fashion trends. I try, but I look at a lot of the styles that are crossing the runways during Fashion Week and think, "who would wear that? Certainly not I." But some people do, and they rock it. These jeans, however, wouldn't look good on anyone. AND, they probably cost more than your rent. 

They're from the store Opening Ceremony, and designed by Marques'Almeida. Apparently, they're inspired by Wynona Ryder's style back in the 1990's (ooookkkkayyyy). The feature slashed denim which is strategically frayed which is, according to them, "for a tailored, eveningwear look that stays true to their grunge aesthetic." Eveningwear? For real?

You can also purchase an adjustable denim apron to complete the look if you're feeling so inclined. The jeans themselves are going to set you back a whopping $430!!! And, if you want to add the apron, you'll have to tack on an additional $365.

If this is what fashion is, I'm pretty glad that I stick with my skinny jeans and cardigans.