As a perpetually pale person, tans are completely lost on me. I'm never outside during the summer and when I am, I'm slathered up with SPF 80 (generally something that's made for kids) because I'm so fair skinned. I think the last time that I had a legitimate tan it was like 1994, and it was achieved through an entire summer of playing outside with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. I've never been a big fan of tanning beds, and I'm scared to try spray tans because I don't want to end up looking like "Tan Mom", so I just rock my pasty whiteness. Because of this, this new tanning trend is completely lost on me. Check out "ski-tans". 

Basically, women all over the world are trying to make it look like they went on a super swanky ski vacation without ever actually going anywhere other than a spray-tan place.

According to the Daily Mail, quite a few women have wandered into salons with their ski goggles in tow hoping to get that "I just got off of a mountain and now have weird rings around my eyes" glow. Which to me, is ridiculous, but I'm not exactly a fashionista. There are even salons now who have bought ski goggles to offer their guests in case they forgot to bring theirs. I wish I was kidding.

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