Being an adult is tough. You have responsibilities and things you have to worry about. It's no doubt life as a kid was much easier. Kids are innocent, carefree, fearless and their biggest worry in the world is what game to play. Sometimes we need to let go of 'adulting', let loose and just have the mindset of a kid.

mandygodbehear/ThinkStock put together a list of 5 things kids do that we should do as well, and they're definitely on the right track. They are:

  1. Naptime (I still take naps)
  2. Recess - all the fun things we enjoyed... the play set, Red Rover, tag, the swings, kickball, etc.
  3. Winter/Spring Break - We don't get these breaks as an adult unless you request time off, months ahead of time.
  4. Reading 
  5. Extracurricular Activities - This can include sports, some type of club, playing an instrument, etc.

Personally, I would add hide-and-seek to this list along with riding in the grocery cart. Those were the days.

What kid thing would you like to do/get away with as an adult?