You may or may not be aware that April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

It's such a preventable problem that happens to more children than most of us expect. Did you know that according to the CDC, one in four girls and one in 20 boys will experience sexual abuse before they turn 18? That's a horrifying statistic that we shouldn't still be seeing in 2024.

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While we all agree that it's heart breaking what happens to some Michigan children behind closed doors, there is something we can all do to raise awareness about the cause.

This week, you'll want to join the Children's Advocacy Center of Kent County in raising awareness about Child Abuse this Friday, April 12. They're asking that everyone in Kent County wears blue on Friday to help start the conversation and remind others about the cause. (And yes, you can still participate even if you live outside of Kent County.)

Child Abuse isn't just a problem in the moment when it's happening- it can lead to lasting emotional and psychological trauma for survivors. That's why it's crucial to talk openly with children about these issues.

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If you're a child who is concerned, or if you need help and there's no safe adult around, reach out to a teacher, counselor, police officer, or call Michigan Children's Protective Services 24-hour hotline at 855-444-3911.

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While wearing blue alone won't solve this crisis, speaking out breaks the silence and reduces the stigma associated with discussing abuse. So, make sure you're wearing blue this Friday and let's work together to protect our children.

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