Yeah school has already started, so this might be a bit late for those looking for fall classes, but if you're looking to head back to school anytime soon it's good to know which majors come with the highest earning potential.

Thanks to a Kiplinger article, we can start to point at a few majors that could give you the best return on your education.

Before we get into it, how did they come up with the 10 best? They were able to analyze data from over 100 college majors. Simply put, they looked for courses that lead to more pay, they also looked for majors that were in high demand based on job postings.

Nursing, civil engineering, statistics, physics, management information systems, and computer science all made the list.

Their article is worth checking out for the full list, especially if you're looking to head back to school or you have kids who will be attending in the next few years.