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Why does all the crazy stuff happen in Florida? Some dude named Stephen Brewster should probably get an award for stupidity. Brewster, a 32 y.o. Florida Man, just managed to get his 40th arrest in Sarasota County. Arrest 40 was on a car burglary charge, as well as a count of others.

His County rap sheet includes charges of fraud, criminal mischief, grand theft, petty larceny, robbery, loitering, stealing credit cards, blah blah blah, I'm sure you get the point. I just want to know why he is even on the street?

Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight... no relation... said, "He's been through the judicial system so much, he probably knows it better than I do." It's not yet know how long Brewster's 40th stay in jail will be, but he was denied bail at the county jail due to nine counts of probation violation... YOU THINK! Lets just hope that The Florida State Attorney's Office can get prison time.