You grab a penny, make a wish and throw it into the fountain. You've probably been doing this your entire life. But have you wondered what happens to those coins after you toss them into the fountain? Normally, you just walk away and hope your wish comes true.

The Atlantic did some research to find out what happens to these coins. In some places, they're given to charity. This is usually the case for privately owned fountains like in malls.

Charities also benefit from the tens of thousands of coins thrown in the fountains at places like Disney parks, Vegas casinos, and Rainforest Cafes."

In Rome, where there are more fountains than anywhere else, collect the coins and donate them to a supermarket for the needy.

The coins can also be used to clean the fountain but for the most part a majority of the change is taken from passerbies and homeless people.

So if you thought that your coin turned into a magic one - think again. But on the bright side, at least it goes to feed someone. Even if that someone is feeding themselves.

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