The Detroit Tigers aren't expected to do anything this season short of finishing last. So when they win, the opposing team's fans are NOT happy.

The Tigers won in a driving snow storm on Opening Day at Comerica Park, 3-2 over the Cleveland Indians, thanks to booming two-run home run by Miguel Cabrera.

The thing about opening day in baseball is not to overreact. I am not any more  convinced after that great win that the Tigers are anything but an also ran this season in the American League Central Division. Why? Because it's just one game.

But when you're favored to do well, like the Cleveland Indians are, losing to the Tigers is a cause for some stress, as witnessed on this sports talk show in Cleveland Thursday.

Both the caller and the host are more than a little tense when discussing the performance of Indians slugger Franmil Reyes.

The caller says Reyes sucks, the host disagrees. And then it's on.

Whoa! Can everyone chill out a little?

The host points out it's just one game, but he seems a little too high strung to be hosting a talk show. Or maybe they like it that way in Ohio. At any rate, I'm happy Miggy caused them some heartburn.



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