With ArtPrize underway I thought this was an interesting read. Blotting tissues that became art in itself.

Australian artist, Del Kathryn Barton uses tissues to blot excess paint and water on while she is painting. When finished, she throws them away, thinking nothing of them. That is until her assistant, Tim Moore, stumbled across the tissue and noticed the beauty in them. The streaks of different colors were an unexpected masterpiece.

Thus, the book "Not My Blotting Tissues" was born. Dubbed a "sensitive collection of incidental expression," it features stark portraits of Barton's blotting tissues laid flat on the page, elevated from pieces of trash to humble gems of abstraction."

So in other words this lady's assistant dug through trash to find the tissues, glued it on white paper and turned it into a book... and is making money off of it! It's being sold on Moore's website for $55... tissue paper!! His site also states that, "It's not to be sneezed at."

Where do you think this would place in ArtPrize?

I'm not artistically-inclined or anything but if blotting tissue can be considered art than Tim Moore has yet to see my toilet paper :)