With Thanksgiving officially over it's time to start Christmas shopping for those in our lives and that includes our co-workers. Whether your office has a holiday party or does some type of Secret Santa, this top 5 list could help you decide what to get for someone in your office.

Office Depot, Inc. conducted a survey and asked people to name the best gifts they've gotten from their co-workers. 94% feel it is important to pick the right gift for a co-worker.

The survey found that unique, playful and personalized gifts are almost everyone's favorites.

These are the top 5 best gifts:

Gift cards  (25%) of the people surveyed said it's their favorite thing they've gotten from a co-worker before. This is an easy gift.
Food or alcohol (11%).  So a bottle of your co-workers favorite bottle. I've seen some places even do holiday packs.
Valentyn Volkov/ThinkStock
Technology (8%) or some type of gadget.
Headphones on stack of CDs
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Office supplies (5%)  Random??
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Something homemade (3%)
Homemade Card
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If you're struggling what to get someone you work with, Office Depot has holiday gift ideas on their website.

What's the best gift you've ever gotten from a co-worker?