It's difficult to visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula and not take the backroad to Trenary to get a bag or two of the hamlet's iconic Trenary Toast. The crispy, cinnamony toast sold in paper bags is one of the iconic taste treats of the UP right up there with pasties and cugini.

When winter and Christmastime rolls around, there's a use of Trenary Toast you've likely never had before - egg nog soaked french toast.

Trenary Toast Egg Nog French Toast Recipe

The recipe was shared on Facebook recently by the Yooper Pasty Facebook page. It's pretty simple, particularly if you've made french toast before:

In a baking dish, prepare a mixture of 3 eggs, half a cup of eggnog, a dash of salt, and a splash of vanilla. Whisk together until well blended.
Soak six slices of Trenary Cinnamon Toast in the mixture for 30 minutes on each side.
Fry in butter over medium heat until golden brown. Once you taste this you will make it a Yooper Holiday tradition.

Your eyes may bug out a bit seeing soaking the toast in the egg nog mixture for 30 minutes as regular bread would practically disintegrate. The instruction makes sense if you've had Treneary Toast before. Let's be real - this toast is so crispy, it's pretty much hardtack.

And if you're nowhere near the UP and have no plans to visit and get some Trenary Toast, bags of the cinnamon treats are available via Amazon or the Trenary Home Bakery. 

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